Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time in Rexburg is Coming to an End.

This last Monday was such a wonderful and eventful day with my Sweetheart. 

To start it off, I woke up to a fresh doughnut--Boston Cream--and a Jamba Juice smoothie--Razzmatazz--(my FAV).
I love waking up, walking downstairs and seeing the infamous white paper sack on the counter. It is a sure clue that my sweet hubby has gotten up early to surprise me with a fresh doughnut and then a lil note saying my jamba is in the freezer. Oh how I adore the little things he does for me.
After Steve got back from his run and showered, he decided to check the mail. 
It is such a joy when you get a letter in the mail... and words cannot even express the excitement of when you get a letter in the mail from a graduate school you've applied to. 
Upon opening the BIG letter from Santa Clara, we were like little kids on Christmas morning as we read that Steve got accepted.
We were so overjoyed and thankful. This could be the next step in our lives. 
We just will wait and see what the news brings for BYU and Cal Poly. THEN we will have to make our decision and GRAD school here we COME!

So after that good news, I really wanted some tater tots and a cheeseburger.... 
So to Arctic Circle we went.
Now Arctic Circle is three miles away. Did we drive? Heaven's no. Why on earth would we drive when I am 38 weeks pregnant and it's the middle of January in REXBURG!! lol 
We realized this ONCE we were already a mile into our walk. But it was actually very nice and much needed on my end. It is good for me...and get outside. 
Anyway, we talked about a lot as discussed our near future--so exciting. Also it was nice to just enjoy the town. It is funny some of the things you don't realize even thought you drive pass them every day! Sometimes in life it is good to just slow down and enjoy the beauties all around. Rexburg really is a beautiful, quite little town. I love it here and will miss it. I can't believe we graduate next semester. It is exciting, though, to see where life will take us. 

Once we got within sight of Arctic Circle, I was completely anxious to defrost, sit down and eat my food. In that order, too. I told Steve, "Too bad our food can't be free...we walked all this way and I am pregnant." Well...needless to say they just so happen to have a special that moms eat free on Mondays! How ironic. Only in Rexburg. 

As we finished our delicious meals, we looked outside and saw that it was snowing! So we thought we had better start our three mile walk home before it really started to snow. 

We made a quick bathroom stop at Broulims and also bought some Airheads--my favorite. The snow had stopped and it really was a beautiful sunny day for the rest of our walk. 

After six miles, we got home and collapsed on the couch. Ten minutes later we hopped in the car to drive TWO blocks--I know we have it backwards, we should drive six miles and walk the two blocks--to our dr office for our baby apt. 

Cohen is weighing in at 6lbs and has "dropped", which I guess means labor shouldn't be too far off. (We are anxiously awaiting his arrival).
  At this apt I also got my cervix checked.I am just going to be honest,
 getting your cervix checked is just as horrible as it sounds. 
I'll be blunt, rather than being called "checking your cervix", 
they really ought to call it a "vagina punch"...cuz that is what it feels like. 
But I am definite it is NOTHING in comparison with the actual labor. Oh boy... .


  1. Katelyn you make me laugh :) I am so excited for you and your little family!! Make sure to post lots of pictures of your cute baby boy ... congrats!

  2. You crack me up Katelyn! Having your cervix checked is not comfortable, but wait til youre in actual labor and haven't had your lovey epideral and the doc says...lets really get things moving and strips it all out down there. HOLY YOWZA! I thought I was gonna die! LOL. Just remember you get something wonderful from all this pain, and it'll help you get thru it. ;)

  3. I am pretty sure your hubby needs to have a chat with my hubby about surprise breakfast!! SO anwesome. Ps You are the best and we cannot wait for your little one to arrive! yay cohen hurry up!