Sunday, October 2, 2011

He treats me LIKE an ANGEL.

so being sick sucks. just puttin that out there. i am so tired of laying around and still not getting better. luckily i have the most wonderful husband ever who treats me like his angel. 

this morning i woke up, came down the stairs just in time to see my sweetheart whippin up some pancakes. they were so delicious! then he gave me a lotion footrub while we watched conference. 

now, he is makin me an applewood smoked bacon pork loin dinner. 
can't wait! 
its gonna be SOO good.
my favorite part was when he asked what i wanted with it, "some potatoes, carrots...?" 
"yes, sounds good." 
"so should i just boil some potatoes then?" 
"well do you want mashed potatoes? cuz then ya boil them then you can mash em and add butter and milk and whatever else makes em good." 
...steve thinks....
then way excited he says "YES! lets make mashed potatoes cuz then we can put cheese and sour cream on them too!" 
oh boy. i love him. he makes me laugh. 

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