Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family of two soon to be THREE!

as most of you know, steve and i are having our first baby boy in 19 WEEKS! 
we are over the half-way point. 
as you can guess, we are more than thrilled to be blessed  with this precious baby boy. 
we love him SO much already. 
i can't wait to see how much he is going to look like his daddy. 
steve is absolutely the most sweetest, 
tender-hearted husband. i love him with all my heart. 
he brings so much joy to my life EVERY day. in big ways, but mostly in the small things he does for me--and that is what i love most about him.
 he is going to be SUCH a wonderful daddy.

...who would ever have thought that deciding on the name for your baby would be so hard!
FUN, but hard. 
we have our three favorites but...
we can't decide. 
good thing we still have 19 weeks. 
one day our baby is this name and 
the next day we try out our other favorite name. 
or sometimes it's not even the next day, but the next second we try out the other name! it's fun 
but, we just wish we knew what our little son wants to be called. i guess time will tell. 
who knows, we'll prolly have our name picked out for him...then he'll be born and we will be like
 "OH never mind, he looks like _____! yes, perfect."
either way, i can't wait for our little baby to arrive.
our little bundle of heaven.
i have truly been blessed beyond measure. i am so eternally thankful for my family. 
both the family i have come from and my new little family of three. 
what a joyous life the Lord has given me.

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